I am currently researching the unique, American, religious overtness—the observable manifestations of our faith, discipleship, and piety—simply put, godvertising. I am interested in hearing from those who attend church religiously, the unchurched, and everyone in between along the full continuum of religiosity…of all stripes and from all religions and doctrinal perspectives, including agnostics and atheists. I am particularly interested in hearing from the clergy.

This will be an experiment in discourse about this truly old phenomenon, and I welcome comments on any related topic. I am hoping that this discussion will be so much more than a display of humorous or odd church signs.



  1. Hey, I read about a Red Bull advertising campaign that depicts the wisemen giving a case of Red Bull to Jesus. From what I read the Pope was a little upset by the campiagn.

  2. Hey, cbgrace. Thanks for the tip. I’ve found it, and I’ll post it to the main page.

  3. These are fascinating images. I’m not sure how far you plan to go in analyzing what underlies some of these images, but you might take a look at the National Labor Committee’s website and look at their campaign from last Thanksgiving in which they revealed that St. Patrick’s cathedral and many Christian books stores had been selling crucifixes manufactured in Chinese sweatshops. As a scholar and a Christian, I find much of this to be disturbing territory.

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