Can plum brandy be Jewish?

November 29, 2007

Kosher brandyThis is a product of the Czech Republic. The brandy is kosher, but does that mean that it should be “labeled” with a Star of David? There is a recognized label for kosher products, and it’s a “K” inside a circle. If you aren’t Jewish, what would you take this to mean? The label on the bottle does not indicate that it is kosher. Do you feel that this is a misappropriation of a religious symbol or is this okay? Get a better look at this product from the enlarged version of the image. Comments?



  1. I guess it can. What does kosher mean anyway? Does it mean it was blessed by a Rabbi?

  2. Kosher means that the product is “fit” for Jewish consumption for those who abide by kashrut or the Jewish dietary laws. In order to obtain the kosher marking on the product, the product and the place where it is produced must indeed be inspected and blessed by a rabbi who is authorized to do the inspection. The dietary laws for Passover are stricter, and the product must indicate that it is kosher for Passover.

  3. Actually the label for kosher is unique to the organization the certified the product as kosher. The most common, which you can see on this bottle; is a U inside an O. It stands for United Orthodox.

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