Is Jennifer O’Neill a Sinner?

November 19, 2007

mysinad1972.jpgHere’s an example to get the discussion going. Jennifer O’Neill posed for this ad in 1972. The headline is a play on words, alluding to users of My Sin cologne being “Sinners.” If you look closely, Ms. O’Neill is nude under her velvet jacket. On her Web site, she states that about 14 or 15 years later, she was saved, and began her own evangelistic ministry mostly by writing books. How does this ad square with what she is doing these days? Is this type of ad off limits for an evangelical Protestant? Is there any reason why Ms. O’Neill should be embarrassed by this ad? Would this ad be likely to increase sales of My Sin cologne?



  1. Speaking of advertising while disregarding the religious connotation, I like the sheer simplicity of the image and message. What better way to sell a “sexy” scent called My Sin? If I were a conservative Christian, I think this might be offensive. O’Neill’s nakedness is not immediately observed, but the sublety of it may be worse than more overt nudity. The early 70s were still dominated by pretty liberal thinking and culture, so seeing it within its actual time frame makes it not so surprising. Of course, we could see something like this today and consider it fairly mild for the times.

    Although sin is something that’s spoken of in the Old Testament, it is much more a factor in Christian thought than in Judaism or Islam. That’s why I think it would be more upsetting to Christians of a more fundamental bent.

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  3. Jennifer is silk made human, born on a minute and day when God was certainly in an artistic mood – her movie and show biz career has been a success, but more so when she has survived the vultures who have preyed on and angel – and so far she’s fought back and retained her honor and great inner beauty.

    For those of us who knew her as a gloriously tawny and graceful star of the early 70’s – am sorry that so many of the “high rollers” put the zap on her, instead of genuine Iowa farmers/patriots – who loved her then and until the end of time.

    We all get older, some get wiser, only our actions show whether we walk the talk.
    Love always Jennifer — from a guy who’s never forgotten.The naked issue? – Jennifer was the model for Eve, in the Garden of Eden, Thank You God.

  4. Were you a saint before becoming saved?When she became saved and started living as a christian is what matters. Everyone has done things to be ashamed of in the past.Unfortunately when there is lasting reminders of wrongdoing such as pictures, videos it makes it worse but she is no longer held accountable for it in Gods eyes.

  5. This ad has precious little to do with what Jennifer is doing these days. Why would it? She acted without understanding, or using the correct word although it’s usually misused today – in ignorance. It was not until some 15 years later that she was saved by the grace of God and her eyes were opened. God no longer holds her accountable for her sin as Jesus Christ paid her sin debt – if God did, then He would be a liar. Jennifer has no reason to feel embarassed for being forgiven and set free. Again, why would she? With all due respect, your article is making it sound as if Christians are posing for ads like this when they are not and neither is she. The woman that posed for this ad was not a Christian and today not a hypocrite. The writer makes it sound as if he or she has no understanding of God’s grace and just what He accomplishes in His merciful act of salvation with a question like this “How does this ad square with what she is doing these days?” Is the writer attempting to drag her back into the prison Jesus Christ released her from and then suggest she owes anybody an explanation? The article is a little humourous and a little sad in it’s approach. The world has no understanding of true freedom exerted through Christ and actually are uncomfortable of the very thought that someone has been severed from the ball and chain they once dragged around.

  6. A woman who preaches abstinence after having being married and divorced NINE TIMES is a hypocrite of the highest order. True with most born-agains and their righteous causes later in life.

    They’ve lived it large for the majority of their lives, and then they do their utmost in later life to ensure no youth after them can do the same. Abstinence… indeed! NINE DIVORCES… who knows how many extra-marital love affairs? Abstinence, she says! It’s laughable.

  7. I am not all that familiar with Jennifer but I can say this, whatever she did pre-Christ, is under the blood. She doesn’t have to be “embarrassed” about this ad. She also shouldn’t go around putting everything out there that she did. Jesus is bigger than her past and as Christ followers it is not our responsibility to bring it up either.

  8. Why even bring it up? That was her life 30 BC – 30 years before she came to Christ. I’m glad no one was taking pic’s of me back when I was… Maybe we could drag out some pictures of Nicky Cruz before he came to salvation and question who he is today.
    It’s not what we did in the past, it’s what we are doing in the present that says who we are.

  9. Didn’t Jesus come to save sinners? Didn’t he also condemn judgement. Before you judge go look in the mirror.

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